#5 Mr. Money Mustache Shares a Quote


Welcome to Notes on Quotes, an interview series in which Stephen Harrison chats with interesting people about a quote that’s meaningful to them.

Pete Adeney is a popular financial independence guru and the author of the Mr. Money Mustache blog, which has received millions of unique visitors. At age 30, Pete retired from his comfortable middle-class job as an engineer and set off with his family to live a life free from work. His blog provides practical financial advice on resisting consumerism and investing for the long term. Over the years, Mr. Money Mustache has developed a loyal following of thousands of fans who call themselves Mustachians. Pete lives in Longmont, Colorado, and has been profiled by Vox, the Chicago Tribune, and The New Yorker magazine, which noted that the central principle of his writing is “financial freedom through badassity.”

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